Ariane Tobin Jewellery

Ariane Tobin Jewellery


“For me, jewellery making is the meeting of art and engineering. It demands precision and an understanding of both the human body and materials, balanced with a concern for the aesthetic.

At eighteen I had one of those pivotal moments in life when I was first introduced to the colourful undulating glass forms of Dale Chihuly. It inspired me to pursue a career as a maker and I explored the different mediums of traditional craft available to me: ceramics, glass and metal. Metal resonated with me the most deeply, there is intense satisfaction in taking raw materials, like gold, silver, wood or gemstones, and exploring movement, form and texture to create beautiful jewellery and wearable sculpture.

The shapes and motifs found in my work are informed by how plants, coral and sea anemones function, their structure, basic engineering and biology. In keeping with my need to continuously explore the limits of my craft, I make both one of a kind and limited edition pieces.”



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